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How to Reconnect with your Partner: 4 Practical Suggestions

How to Reconnect with your Partner: 4 Practical Suggestions   Do you remember the honeymoon stage of your relationship? You spent hours thinking about your partner and couldn’t wait to be reunited at the end of a long day. Date nights were planned and exciting; you and your partner dressed up, enjoyed a nice meal and the conversation flowed smoothly. In the early stages of a relationship many people feel emotionally connected and sexually on fire. What happens? After years of being together, many couples report drifting apart. With kids, work demands and all the other stressors of adult life, it is easy to feel disconnected and left wondering where all the magic went. One of the biggest relationship myths is that healthy relationships should be easy and require little maintenance. The opposite is true! Thriving relationships, like any other important aspect of your life, requires continual attention and care. Buying your wife a fancy diamond ring or putting on sexy lingerie to excite

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