Spiritual But Not Religious? 4 Benefits of Psychospiritual Therapy

Spiritual But Not Religious? 4 Benefits of Psychospiritual Therapy  

Caroline Kitchener writes in the Atlantic that one in five Americans rejects organized religion while continuing to adopt a certain version of faith. Roughly twenty percent of Americans have given up on church and other forms of institutional religion without letting go of god (however that’s defined). Many young Americans self-identify as spiritual but not religious. Even when many have abandoned their childhood faith, atheism is not an attractive option. Countless individuals want to cultivate a living connection with Mystery, whether that’s through nature, spiritual disciplines or art. Psychospiritual therapy is another avenue to connect with the sacred. Psychospiritual therapy enables people to dive into the depths of their soul without the typical confines and judgements of organized religion. The psychospiritual therapist, unlike the pastor or guru, is not interested in promoting specific beliefs or moral regulations. The psychospiritual therapist is there to facilitate the client’s unique journey into spiritual growth, wherever that may lead. 

Here are 4 benefits to psychospiritual therapy 

Pursue your own unique spiritual path 

If you come from a specific religious environment, you may not be aware that you can shape your own unique spiritual path. With all the possibilities out there, it can be overwhelming starting to navigate a spiritual journey on your own. A psychospiritual therapist can serve as a guide through the spiritual spiral in front of you. There is also the challenge of integrating a new spirituality into the day to day rhythms of ordinary life. Psychospiritual therapy can help ground you and help you develop creative ways to express your newfound spirituality at work, in your marriage and relationship to your children. 

A safe place to talk about spiritual experiences  

Psychospiritual therapy is a form of transpersonal psychology. Transpersonal psychology operates out of the assumption that people often have experiences that go beyond (“trans”) the ordinary state of human consciousness. Whether the experience is a dream or mystical vision, a connection with nature or something paranormal, transpersonal psychology assumes that humans are conduits of wild, spiritual energies that cannot be easily contained within the boundaries of religion or secular psychology. Many people struggle sharing these transpersonal experiences out of fear of being judged and excluded by their pastors, fellow parishioners and even friends and family members. Psychospiritual therapy is a safe place to talk about spiritual experiences that do not fit the mold of the acceptable, the safe and the ordinary.  

Integrate the various parts of yourself   

Traditional psychology and religion operate out of the dualistic mindset that we are either good or bad, healthy or unhealthy. This rigid, either/or mentality encourages us to repress and disown the various parts of ourselves that we perceive are not acceptable or mature. In psychospiritual therapy, you learn the human psyche is pluralistic and complex. We are all a host of characters that defy easy categorization and control. Instead of denying the darker sides of our personality, psychospiritual therapy encourages the acceptance and integration of all the parts. 

Recover meaning   

Many people experiencing anxiety and depression are suffering from a loss of meaning. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can help you manage the symptoms of anxiety or depression. CBT cannot help you recover spiritual and existential meaning. If you’re in the midst of a divorce, career change or have experienced a tragic death, psychospiritual therapy can provide the best framework to make sense of the most tragic elements of life. Most people get through the worst tragedies by connecting to a larger, spiritual source. If traditional religion no longer works for you, a psychospiritual approach may be a better fit.  

Counseling can give you tools to create a healthier lifestyle 

 If you have the time and resources, it might be a good idea to give counseling a try. Counseling is not just for people who have severe mental health issues. Counseling can help anyone who is struggling and needs help getting back to their best life. Psychospiritual therapy is very effective! Your therapist can help you construct your own spiritual path that helps you develop language for your transpersonal experiences, integrate the various parts of yourself and find meaning in a harsh world. If you are stuck and would like help getting unstuck, please give us a call at the Counseling Center at Cinco Ranch. We would love to help you be the best version of yourself. 

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